Essay on The Effects Of Indoor Air Pollution On The Environment

Essay on The Effects Of Indoor Air Pollution On The Environment

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The environmental health in both low income countries around the world is of serious concern due to the deleterious effects. The three main health issues are indoor air pollution, consumption of contaminated water, and lead poisoning (Jones, MM 11/9/2016). Different illnesses and possibly death can arise from poor environmental conditions (11/9/2016). How each issue is effecting children and what is being done will be discussed to further understand what actions must take place to improve the environment to achieve higher standard of living.
Indoor air pollution is an issue for many low income families, causing a multitude of adverse health effects. Dangerous smoke to have built up indoors include both the smoke from burning of solid fuels as well as smoking cigarettes (11/9/2016). For example, in a country such as Haiti, pollution is being caused by burning of wood, coal, and dung indoors (11/9/2016). The smoke from these solid fuels can cause diseases such as pneumonia, tuberculosis, asthma (Gordon, 2004, p. 24). For women who are pregnant, the pollution can cause low birth weight which is linked to higher rate of illness and infant mortality (Hack, 1995). According to Atlas of Children’s Health, one million children under five years old die every year as a result of indoor air pollution caused by solid fuels (Gordon, 2004, p. 10). Smoke from solid fuels is not the only smoke to be concerned of. Second-hand smoking from cigarettes can be detrimental to child growth. A few of the side-effects of second-hand smoke include sudden infant death syndrome, lymphoma, decreased lung function. Respiratory disease, asthma, and much more (Jones, MM 11/9/2016). It is important that indoor pollution from burning of solid fuels as well as ci...

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...ould aid in reducing the adverse effects of lead poisoning (Jones, MM 11/9/2016). After these two interventions have taken place, then it would be beneficial to begin improving the school and home conditions (World Health Organization, 2015). By reducing the cases of lead poisoning, the quality of life for children and families will improve, and medical related costs from poisoning will decrease.
The environment is a major contributor for the people’s overall health and quality life. As discussed, there are many ways which people suffer due to a poor environment. However, one’s environment can be changed by implementing interventions which use alternative cooking fuels, water filtration, removal of lead from gasoline, and much more. The globalization of health allows countries to help each other improve the overall quality of life for people all around the world.

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