The Effects Of Increased Hiring On The American Dream Essay

The Effects Of Increased Hiring On The American Dream Essay

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The Effects of Increased Hiring
Jobs have opened many doors and entries to better futures or what we like to refer to as the “American Dream”. Of course the American Dream has changed within time, but the main idea remains the same, that is “everyone has an equal and inalienable right to life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness” (Amadeo, 2015). We can apply economic principles in almost everything we do, for example in hiring opportunities.
Primarily, there are many opportunity costs that come along with your lifetime, in every decision you make. One of the opportunity costs is having to quit your current job. Secondly, if people have something to respond to like an enticement, then they would have something to keep them from leaving their current jobs. People need motivation and encouragement, because if not they wouldn’t do a thing. Thereafter, if there was no spending or income of money then there wouldn’t be an economy and everyone would be unstable about they day to day routine. When people quit or get laid off it opens a new position for the next person available to work, you might not see it as spending but in a way it is another person’s income.
Companies like Starbucks, Chipotle, Hollister, and many others that has been successful at starting their businesses, have provided opportunities for people seeking a better hope.
Are the effects of increased hiring beneficial?
Yes, because there are new opportunities for people to have a better future, higher wages, and new job proposals.
The article that will be described talks about how jobs are gradually rising. Companies are looking to expand and seeking to hire more people even with the lack in growth. Appelbaum (2015) reported that Janet L. Yellen, the Chair of the Fed...

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...higher paying job that they may have found. Next, with this in mind in order for companies to keep their employees they have raised their wages so the workers can have some motivation to keep on working. It makes them better off because then they wouldn’t be looking for other options of work. Last, like stated before another person’s spending is another person’s income, and it doesn’t necessarily have to do with money, It can be with the opportunities for new jobs, more income and more services and good provided. Individuals are always faced off with decisions and making decisions can be difficult. Incentives and job openings can help make decisions easier. The economy is growing stronger and gettting better providing more opporutinites for workers. “Surveys indicate that companies intend to keep hiring at a solid clip early next year,” (The Associated Press, 2015).

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