The Effects Of Incarceration On Mental Health Essay examples

The Effects Of Incarceration On Mental Health Essay examples

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The psychological impact of incarceration can damage mental health, affects the ability to function in society, and inmates can show trauma due to the effects of incarceration Prisons need to find better ways to rehabilitate these jail inmates. Are our Prisons rehabilitating inmates how they should? Inmates end up hallucinating and having perceptual disorders due to long term incarceration. Inmates usually cause fatal self-harm when angry. The psychological impact of incarceration can be very large for inmates. According to the U.S Department of Justice (2000,2013),”a total of 4,446 inmates died in 2013, an increase of 131 deaths since 2012”Inmates can become lonely or bored and find things to do to themselves, for instance, causing self-harm. “Detained youths have significant mental health needs, with the majority meeting the diagnostic criteria for a mental health disorder, compares with only 15% to 20% of the general adolescent population” states( Alabama 2015).
First off, prison systems need to be set up better so that inmates can serve their time and move on with their lives. If prisons provided them with the correct rehabilitation there wouldn 't be such a huge percentage of incarceration. Inmates tend to get bored just sitting around therefore, they go insane or purposely do things to cause trouble which creates problems in the prison. Incarceration not only will drive one insane, but it will cause one to lose control of their abilities. Prison inmates forget to be positive, instead they do negative things thinking giving up would be better.
The trauma of incarceration is very large. If inmates get released, they may get out on the streets and do exactly what they did to end up in prison. Inmates may have the mentality of ...

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...of incarceration can damage mental health, affects the ability to function in society and inmates can show trauma due to the effects of incarceration. Providing these inmates with education and rehabilitation will change prison systems. Giving inmates this help will also help reduce the return rate, and in turn, create better law-abiding citizens that can contribute to society. Prisons may also see a decline in the violence of crimes while incarcerated. Inmates may be able to handle living out in society a whole lot better after receiving treatment and getting the help they need while in prison. Many of the small problems make big problems with inmates and working to solve the small problems can fix a whole big problem. With that, there is hope in our prison systems and we can fix these all by rehabilitation techniques and giving the help they so desire and need.

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