The Effects Of Immigration On The American Dream Essay

The Effects Of Immigration On The American Dream Essay

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Examining these cases the elements which lead to racial discrimination was not helping immigrants in moving forward for those living in the United States. Even though this country was founded upon by settlers who can be considered immigrants, the dominant group does not want more immigrants to come to America. In the long run, America will be a more diverse country than ever before due to the fact of more Latino immigrants coming in to establish their lives. These cases showed us as readers the many ways that America tried in stopping the increase of immigrants of this country, whether it is Asian, African or Latino etc, immigrants will slowly take over the country. These cases proved how criminalization of immigration can affect the status of immigration in America causing racist ideal to change the American Dream.
The article by Paul Knepper called Falling crime rates: What happened last time, explains how crime rates declined in the 1990s in America. The article compared how the crime rates in England decrease rather than increase post the Great War. This article argues for the importance of certain theories that took place to help crime decrease at these certain times. One aspect was the returning veterans from the war, certain people assumed that these former soldiers will erupt and cause crimes, but sadly that was not the case. The newspaper press told the public about criminal acts by former soldiers and offered ways to understand them rather than fearing them. The men, who fought in the war, were assumed to come back home and be aggressive in causing crime, but the notion of the brutalized veteran turning to criminality was a fantasy based on imaginings the battlefield experience that they went through. While this was o...

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...out these 5 goals of Deterrence, Retribution or just deserts, Incapacitation, Rehabilitation, and Restoration, we as a country have many options in handling crimes and what will be the best approach to reduce it. With the two other articles that I have found, I am more leaning towards a Restoration and Rehabilitation approach in handling our crimes. With the way that our country is going in handling crimes, I feel that we are still not going nowhere in fixing our criminal justice system because prisoners are not getting the help that they could need and also letting the victims choose a well fitted punishment for their offenders. Hopefully in the future, America can fix their criminal justice system in trying to reduce crime in other ways, then falling back into bad habits as in letting prisoners commit the same crime and not trying to stop them in an efficient way.

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