The Effects Of Ice Melting On The World Essay

The Effects Of Ice Melting On The World Essay

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The GHGs simulate a blanket that covers the earth and keep the world warm. This protection is great for the mammals that have adapted and are comfortable being warm. Over the last couples hundred years, humans have seriously increases the level of GHGs of the world by one burning fossil fuels, oil and coal. This has rising the temperature in area the need to stay cold to support the cold weather animals. Other things are also causing the temperature to rise like deforestation. Cutting down an abundance of tree stop them from actually doing one of their jobs, this is soaking up some of the CO2. Trees remove carbon from the air and help clean the atmosphere. With the world warming up to higher temperature then it has ever has in the last 10,000 years and ever more in the last 20, polar cap and being to melt at an outstanding rate. This is not the alarming to most people because most never even seen a polar cap so they don’t think twice about it. So the question is who really cares about ice melting in the arctic? Well first all we all should, those ice shelfs are the one that are keeping our temperature low enough to make this earth sustainable. The other species that really care about this situation are the arctic polar bear. In this essay I want to cover why the ice caps in the arctic are melting. What this is doing to our polar bears. Last, what we can do to fix this problem.
There are two bear that are at the top of the food chain in the biologically rich Artic. One is the Kodiak brown bear of southern western Alaska and the other is the Polar bear, which are the largest carnivores in the world. Fat and of the ice dependent seal is what the polar bear feeds on primarily. What makes polar bears unique is their ability to adapt to...

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...aps in the arctic. Most of them coming from human are destruction to its own habit. We talked about global warming which is the main factor and how if we keep release gases in our atmosphere it will only at as a thicker blanket and keep the world even warmer. We cover what this is doing to the Polar bear of the arctic. How the warmer temperature are splitting 3000 year old shelf’s in half leaving the polar bear without a home. We also talk about how now the polar bear has to take risk to find food stepping out if their natural habit looking for food in unusual places to eat food that they wouldn’t normally eat and being spotting in place that they would never go. Global warming is a serious topic and melting ice caps are just one of the results from it. We as humans have to figure out a balance with being comfortable on this earth or eventually not having this earth.

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