The Effects Of Hunting On The Environment Essay

The Effects Of Hunting On The Environment Essay

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Have you ever been hunting and ever wondered the effects that you had on the environment? Weather the effects were positive or negative or if you had no effect at all. Well the truth is, human hunting has a major effect on the environment and especially the animal populations. In the next few minutes you’ll realize that hunting has a few positive effects, but more environmental negatives that out way the positives.
First up we have the negative effects on the environment that hunting brings. The first con of hunting is the CO2 (Carbon Dioxide) that gets pumped into the air as the hunters drive many miles to get to their hunting ground. Then when they go out hunting in the mornings or nights they drive further to get to their stands (Randhawa). Litter is another very big problem with hunting. When hunters get up in the mornings to go to their stands, they don’t have much time for breakfast, so most hunters will bring some sort of food and drink with them in the stands. When you’re out in the woods, there are no trashcans, so where else are the hunters going to throw their trash except on the ground. When deer come across these delicious smelling wrappers or pop-cans they may try to eat it and choke on the litter, killing them in a horrible way. Smoking is another bad habit that most hunters have because they never properly dispose of the cigarette buds. They leave them lying all over the ground for deer to come and eat and suffocate on (Last Chance For Animals-Hunting). Enough negatives for now, lets focus on some of the positives hunting brings.
One of the few positives of hunting is that its great exercise for those who walk through fields to get to their stands. Its not great exercise just cause you’re walking though, but be...

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...l Iowa 280 out of 356 deer living on a farm tested positive for a deadly disease known as chronic wasting disease. All 356 deer living in the herd were “Destroyed” in august after being quarantined for more then two years. After they found a deer in southeast Iowa with this disease they started an investigation and found that the deer came from the north central Iowa farm. Two years ago the animals at the southeast farm were “Destroyed” as well. This disease is fatal for deer, elk, and moose; there aren’t any known effects on humans yet (Eller).
When it comes down to it hunting can have many positives and negatives to the environment and to other animal species. For some the only way to keep the deer population under control is for humans to take matters into there own hands. Lets face it though, hunting is just one of the many ways mankind try’s to control nature.

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