Essay about The Effects Of Hunting On The Economy, Government, And Environment

Essay about The Effects Of Hunting On The Economy, Government, And Environment

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The development of modern technologies has allowed for the advancement of society, but some practices of older times still remain. Food was originally obtained through either hunting or gathering before the common era of agricultures. While hunting is not as prevalent in today’s world, it is still a tradition that is partaken in. Hunting is not as prevalent due progressing society, but it is also due in part to the controversy surrounding the activity. Opponents of hunting not only believe that it is cruel, but it also destroys habitat and decreases wildlife populations endangering species. Although many believe hunting is destructive in many aspects, hunting provides crucial benefits to the economy, government, and environment.
Merriam-Webster defines hunting as “the activity or sport of chasing and killing wild animals.” Whether hunting takes place in the wetlands of the Florida Everglades or in the forests of the Rocky Mountains, it provides stimulation to the economy from a variety of sources. The United States Fish and Wildlife Service estimated in 2011 that the national hunting industry was worth $33.7 billion. Their figures show that equipment consisted 41%, trip-related costs were 31%, and 28% for other expenses. Hunting supports the gun and weapons industry as they are essential tools for a successful hunt. The service industry is also bolstered by hunting. Hunters often travel to desirable locations to hunt specific game. During their trip, they would support hotels, restaurants, and transportation agencies. Their support is especially helpful to rural areas. For example, Everglades City is a small town located in Southwest Florida. Hunters travel from across the nation and globe in order to pursue the local wildlife. ...

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...but this ban has been proven ineffective in African counties. “How Hunting Helps Wildlife” outlines the detrimental effects a hunting ban can have on wildlife’s population. At one point in time Kenya banned hunting but reinstated hunting as 70 percent had been poached. The laws and regulations in place allowed the populations to be renewed, rising to their original numbers. While banning hunting may sound promising, it has the opposite effect of what is intended.
Hunting is an age-old tradition that is essential to society in numerous aspects. The hunting industry boosts the economy while also supporting the government. It provides economic activity in areas that are otherwise barren. Conversely, those against hunting argue that it its cruel nature decreases wildlife population. However, they fail to recognize the benefits to the economy, government, and environment.

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