The Effects Of Hunting Bison On The Wildlife Fund Essay

The Effects Of Hunting Bison On The Wildlife Fund Essay

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According to the Huffington Post, the bodies of three bison were found in Yellowstone National Park on March 18, 2014. These bison, or buffalo, are believed to be shot and killed between March 13 and March 15. Hunting bison has been banned in Yellowstone since 1894 in order to protect the then highly endangered buffalo. In recent years cases of bison being killed have been infrequent, however, when someone kills a buffalo it is taken seriously. There is a $5,000 reward for anyone who has any information on the poacher that killed the three bison. There has no news if Yellowstone has caught the perpetrator. Poachers do not care about laws and will kill protected animals for the thrill or money. Therefore, there should be an increase in the measures taken to prevent animal poaching.
Poachers hunt animals for certain aspects of a chosen animal’s body. The World Wildlife Fund estimated that there was about of 3,200 wild tigers left in Asia. These big cats are lured into a trap and suffer a slow death. Poachers wait until the animal is exhausted and then proceed to beat the tiger to death. Poachers do not shoot tigers, since shooting them will damage their pelts. Poachers hunt these big cats for their skins, claws, teeth, and other body parts. Poachers then sell these parts on the black market or to a private buyer. The tigers’ skin is typically used as fancy rugs. While the claws and teeth of the animal are used in traditional Asian medicine. Tiger parts are regarded highly in Asian medicine; however, there is no medical value to any part of a tiger. Rhinos are highly endangered due to poaching. A type of rhinos, called Javan rhinos, is known as the closest mammal to extinction with less than 100 of these beasts still roaming Afric...

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...nd the American Humane Society, are dedicated services that fight to save and protect animals. Money donated to these originations helps them to continue to work against animal poachers and other threats that threaten animals. Donations also help provide anti-poaching patrols with the supplies they need to fight poachers.
Animal poaching is a large threat to many animal species and has left many animals critically endangered. Tigers and rhinos are barely surviving in the wild and poaching could easily wipe them out. Whales and elephants have such long gestation periods it is hard for these animals to make up for what the poachers kill. Despite there being laws that make poaching animals illegal the demand of exotic animals make poaching a lucrative job. Donating can help prevent animal poaching, since it helps pay for wildlife preserves and anti-poaching patrols.

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