The Effects Of Homework On School Students Essay

The Effects Of Homework On School Students Essay

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Many high school students are juggling keeping their grades at 4.0 or above level and some students were trying to just keep their grades to passing. When I was in high school I had one class which was keyboarding that the teacher did not have any homework. The teacher noticed that students did not have to just worry about their grades, they also had to worry about sports or even having a full time job during school. This class was competitive; however the lack of homework did not decrease from the class. This teacher had a philosophy that if you could not complete the work during class then something was not correct. Can students succeed without doing homework for classes?
Homework has two definitions. The first definition is work that a student is given to do at home. The second definition is research or reading done in order to prepare for something (Merriam-Webster). The history of homework for students has been one that has changed back and forth for and against homework since the beginning of formal education in the United States. The twentieth century began, the mind was viewed as a muscle that could be strengthened through mental exercise. Since this exercise could be done at home, homework was viewed favorably. During the 1940s, the emphasis in education shifted problem solving and homework fell out of favor since homework was closely associated with the repetition of material. The launch of the satellite Sputnik by the Soviet Union in the 1950s reversed this thinking and it was thought that that education lacked rigor and left children unprepared for complex technologies. In the last 1960s homework again was viewed by educators and parents that it was crowding out social experience, outdo...

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...u did not need to have homework to succeed in this class and that with proper time management you would succeed.
Not only did the students in this class succeed in the keyboarding computer class but the students were able to complete other homework assignments for different classes. Which in turn had the students able to be able to complete more homework during the school hours without having to take an unnecessary study hall class. This class not only prepared students to succeed in this class; however provided an opportunity for the students that also played sports or worked to be able to have one less stress of homework for a class. This teacher firmly believed that you could succeed in a class and manage your time without outside work. This class prepared students for time management that they needed in the outside world not just the school room.

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