Essay on The Effects Of Homeschooling On Children, Care Givers And Influencers

Essay on The Effects Of Homeschooling On Children, Care Givers And Influencers

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Most will agree and say that investing in the lives of the next generation is of utmost importance. In reality, the future of a country is in the hands of those that have direct contact and influence on the youth. With that in mind, when a decision is presented that can drastically effect the upbringing and morality of children, care givers and influencers should never take these choices lightly. Today, there are many different views and ways of thinking that caregivers have when it comes to raising their children; however, one that can be over looked is the effect of homeschooling. Considering that, ever since homeschooling was made legal in America, the numbers of homeschoolers in the country have been steadily increasing; and, in 2002, 2-4
percent of students were in fact homeschooled (Reich, R. 2002). Inevitably, with most decisions that are to be made in life, there will always be pros and cons. However, when we consider the
differences, and evaluate how each caregiver can best raise their children, most will hope that the choices made are are for the benefit of children, and with the motive to increase the potential of the best outcome possible for our future leaders.
To start, most parents that choose to homeschool their children do so because of the ability to “custom- tailor” an education that is just right for the child (Reich, R. 2002). Given that the average size of the public educational classroom in America is about thirty to thirty five students for every one teacher, most parents that choose to homeschool, do so to specifically cater to their child’s unique learning style in a one on one basis. In most cases, when students are lacking in a certain subject, the average public school teacher would not be abl...

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...o get into a university, enrolling to accredited homecoming academies is essential. In brief, homeschooling can be costly when compared to a free education through the traditional public school system.
Therefore, homeschooling may or may not be the best option for the upbringing of your child; nonetheless, knowing the advantages and disadvantages may provoke thought in considering the best education for each child. Since each person is different, some may thrive in traditional class room environments where they can interact with other peers and have deadlines to meet. Whereas, others work better in that of a comfortable and familiar environment where they can take however much time they need to learn new concepts. One is not better than the other, instead, choosing what will work best for your child and ensuring the best possible out come is what is most important.

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