Essay about Effects Of Homelessness On Children And Youth

Essay about Effects Of Homelessness On Children And Youth

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As a result of anti-poverty legislation being placed into effect all over the country to force workers back into the capitalist labour market, which has taken hold in neoliberalism, the number of families finding themselves on the brink of homeless is skyrocketing. Furthermore, with the reduction of social assistance programs these families are barely able to provide for themselves, therefore, numerous children are being physically impacted by homelessness. According to Jenny Hsu (2015) hunger and physical illness are effects children and youth may experience due to homelessness that greatly affect their development which is unacceptable for our government to allow this many young people to be negatively impacted. Thus, the links between these effects on young people’s physical health and homelessness will be examined in detail while not attributing these effects to maternal or personal failure, rather questioning the neoliberal structure that has forced them into poverty.
First and foremost, to understand why the number of individuals and families facing homelessness has skyrocketed in the past thirty years it is crucial to investigate the changes governments have implemented during this time with the help large corporations. In the past governments utilized the welfare state model which was in place to help and protect its citizens during hard times by reducing taxes and taxing high during economic booms. However, the government has shifted to a neoliberal state model that prioritizes the best interests of the economic elite. For example, through deregulation, privatization, tax reforms to the elite and cutting social services the state has done nothing but benefit the elite, therefore, criminalizing the poor (Crocker & Johnson...

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...opriate standard” (Frankish, Hwang & Quantz, 2005). In other words, the government must provide safe and affordable subsidized housing for individuals facing hardship which would reduce the health care risks that many homeless young people face each day.
Overall, homelessness has terrible effects on young people’s physical health; particularly on children’s development because of factors such as hunger and the risk of disease and infection. As the number of homeless people in our country is increasing significantly because of structural factors and a third of the population visiting shelters and food banks is young people the government must start taking action to help the physical and mental health on the countries youth. Specifically, the government has to provide accessible and nonjudgmental health care to everyone and begin implementing safe subsidized housing.

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