The Effects Of Hiv And Breast Cancer Essay example

The Effects Of Hiv And Breast Cancer Essay example

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The last 20 years has been of significant progress in health care science. Diseases such as HIV and breast cancer have seen a marginal drop in death rates compared to the time when there was little understanding about these diseases. HIV used to be a death sentence to those affected by the condition, however with advancement in treatment it has become a manageable chronical condition and sufferers from this condition now tend to live longer (Von, B; Amrei, et al, 2014). Survival rates for breast cancer also improved to 80% in 2001-2003 in the UK and Wales compared to 52% 30 years earlier (Passant and Borley, 2013). In America screening for breast cancer is offered to women over the age of 50 and for women with the BRCA mutation screening is offered at 25 years or 5 years earlier than when members of the same family were diagnosed with the condition (Tria, 2013). Screening programmes such as the mammography and public awareness have improved early detection of the disease (Michell, Michael J, 2010) and treatment at the early stages is more likely to work therefore reducing mortality rate(Zenon Rayter, 2003).
Human Immune Virus (HIV) weakens the immune system, making it difficult for the sufferer to fight the disease. Antiretroviral drugs are used to treat HIV, they stop the virus from making copies of itself, the immune system will then repair itself. They were developed soon after the discovery of the disease in the 1980s, since then the progress has been amazing. HIV adapts quickly to a certain drug, antiretroviral therapy is the treatment now used, and is a combination of different HIV drugs to avoid any resistance of the virus to any type of the antiretroviral drugs. Antiretroviral drugs maximally suppress the virus and stop p...

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...imize the approved HER2 target agents on people with HER2 positive early stage cancer, promising new approaches are still developed such as the monoclonal antibodies and small molecule tyrosine kinase inhibitors targeting HER2. (Arteaga et al, 2012)
Even though there is no cure for HIV, the advances made in HIV have changed the history of HIV and improving lives of those affected by this disease (Lert, 2000). Screening for breast cancer and detecting the disease early has improved mortality rate and those who have a genetic mutation have been able to decide on which treatment plans they’d prefer, with some people people choosing mastectomy to ensure that they don’t have to worry of the future aspect of them suffering from the disease. With ongoing trials in HIV, breast cancer screening and treatment, the future in finding an effective and safer cure is promising.

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