The Effects Of Hispanic College On College Attendance Essay

The Effects Of Hispanic College On College Attendance Essay

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As a college degree has become an essential part in getting a job in recent years there has been a substantial increase in college attendance. In 2002, when the Pew Hispanic Center did research they found that 59% of all U.S. workers had at least some college education, because a high school diploma no longer served as the basic credential for successful employment in the U.S. economy. With the need of higher education becoming more important than ever, the percentage of Hispanic students attending college rose from 9.9 to 15.8 percent between the years of 2000 and 2013. Although the increase is quite substantial what causes the Hispanic college attendance to be so much lower than many other ethnicities, as well as when they do attend college what is their experience like compared to the majority of other students.
According to The Journal of Higher Education, over the past decade the number of Hispanic undergraduates enrolled in colleges and universities nationwide had increased by 98%. Within that same period of time the number of bachelor degrees awarded increased by 90% for Hispanics. Although these rates are higher than ever before, Hispanics continue to be very underrepresented among both undergraduates and bachelor’s degree recipients, with rates of 8% and 4.2% respectively. The President’s Advisor Commission said “Less than half of all Hispanic high school students in this country are currently qualified to enroll in a four-year institution. Of those, only about 30%-40% of those enroll in college following their completion of high school. In 1996 the Hispanic Scholarship Fund, the nation’s largest scholarship granting organization for Latinos, adopted a new mission to double the rate of Hispanics earning a college degree...

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...n the lower end of the college attendance rates but over the years there have been higher attendance rates as well as higher graduation rates. Although the college experience is different for each and every student, the fundamental core remains the same. Work, school, sports, church is they so choose to, as well as many other things. Normally when I talk to people I find that a majority of people say that college is the best years of your lives and you should enjoy yourself because you will never be able to get that time back. When people think about the college experience they initially think about partying and social events with friends. Some people do take advantage of this time whereas others do focus more on their school and work and not so much on their social lives. Every college experience is different whether between cultures or just between each individual.

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