The Effects Of Hearing Loss On The Workplace Environment Essays

The Effects Of Hearing Loss On The Workplace Environment Essays

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Dear Professor Buds, I just graduated university, and my first job is to work at a construction site. Recently, I read articles saying that hearing loss can occur due to prolong exposure to noise. I want to protect my hearing but at the same time I do not want to quit the job at the construction site, therefore I want to know what is the maximum level of noise allowed for the workplace environment if I were to work continuously for 8 hours. I would also like to know how to measure sounds so I can tell the managers there whether the sound that the workers are exposed to everyday passed the limit or not.

Hello Mr. Akes, Thank you for your question. In Canada, the maximum permitted noise exposure level for 8 hours is 85 dBA. More information on noise exposure limits can be found in the Canadian legislation under Canada Labour Code, Part II. For your second question, different instruments are used to measure sound but the most common three are a sound level meter, an integrated sound level meter and a noise dosimeter. A Sound Level Meter (SLM) measures a person’s exposure to noise at a specific time — an instantaneous noise measurement more specifically, it measures noise generated by a particular source. The meter consists of a microphone, electronic circuit and a readout display. The user is to hold the device at arm’s length and at the ear’s height. The microphone receives and detects small air pressure variations in sounds and converts them into electrical signals. Electric circuit in the instrument will receive and process these signals, a visual display of the output — a readout will display the sound level in decibels. The device has to be calibrated before and after each use. An Integrated Sound Level Meter (ISLM) is very s...

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...he sound levels at dance clubs should be regulated to protect the club patrons and staff. Live bands performing indoors have the loudest noise levels, often reaching 115 dBA. The second loudest are nightclubs, the loud music and conversations inside a night club can reach up to 98 dBA. I also believe that club owners should be held responsible for warning patrons and staff about the dangers of high sound levels. The way I see a worker and boss relationship is like a son and a father relationship. I believe that the employers are responsible to do whatever it takes to protect workers from prolong exposure to hazardous sound levels. The employers must make sure and monitor the workers, so that they are not exposed to noise level greater than 85 dBA. Noise tests including noise survey, SLM and ISLM should be done regularly as a way to monitor workers’ exposure to noise.

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