Essay on The Effects Of Hazardous Wastes On The Environment

Essay on The Effects Of Hazardous Wastes On The Environment

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It is imperative to note that both the man made and the natural activities that take place in the world are susceptible to disasters. The disasters and hazards that take place are normally categorized into several divisions. They include the technological, regional, and the man made events that can interfere with the composition of the environment (Doody, 2014). At that point, it was necessary for the disposal of these hazardous wastes to take place thus leading to the pollution of the environment. As such, it was important for the hazardous waste to be managed in an appropriate manner to minimize these effects. Under this process, the reuse of hazardous wastes in civil engineering applications was one of the ways that would be useful in minimizing the effect on the environment. The objective of the paper is to study various methods that can be used in the management of hazardous wastes in civil engineering applications.
According to (Gupta, 2012), the hazardous waste refers to any form of waste or a combination of several wastes that normally pose substantial danger to the environment. In this case, the environment is comprised of animals, human beings, and plants. In addition, the hazardous waste can only be disposed using specific conditions such as taking the necessary protective measures. Under the disasters and hazards, the categories include the man made, technological, natural, and region events that can contribute to the disposal of hazardous wastes. Some of these adverse effects caused by the aforementioned factors can be classified as the environmental disasters.

Reason for paper
The purpose of this paper is to examine some of the issues related to the reuse of hazardous wastes in civil engineering.

... middle of paper ... program for the public and encourage the sorting of materials used for construction purposes (Gupta, 2012). The public fill will be managed by the civil engineers to ensure that the wastes are reused in an appropriate manner.
Based on the preceding analysis, it is evident that the reuse of the hazardous waste is possible using the civil engineering applications. The implementation of a program to be used for public filling is one of the major ways in which the civil engineers can minimize on the disposal of hazardous wastes into the environment (Nadeen, 2015). It is because this public fill place will be used for the development of sustainable ways of reuse of the hazardous wastes. Since it is located in a public area, it will be easy for it to be recycled since people will be encouraged to deposit the wastes and later used for the reclamation purposes.

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