The Effects Of Harsher Punishments On The Punishment Essay

The Effects Of Harsher Punishments On The Punishment Essay

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When a child is bad, he or she gets some type of punishment, for example when one lies or cheats on a test. They will get a consciousness/ punishment of not being able to watch television or being as how cheating on a test is a more severe wrong than their punishment will be worse. Depending on what the child did wrong or bad the punishment will depend on how severe the consequence will be, because when an actual crime is done, then what would be the punishment if a small crime gets all the attention when it really does not need to be. The harsher the punishment the more aware a person will be before committing the crime. It does not mean it will stop the person but will allow them to think more thoughtfully.
Although there is no actual scientific prove or evidence that harsher sanctions are more effective because all humans are different and react to punishment different there are studies that used similar methodologies to measure the marginal deterrent effects of crime. Policies such as mandatory minimums, meaning, minimum prison terms for certain crimes such as drug offenses gun and pornography they must serve a predefined term that cannot be changed. Truth in sentencing aim to abolish parole so that the convicts serve depreciate to which they had been sentence. Three strikes you 're out is a life sentence after a felon gets convicted three times, the higher the punishment is the more a person will have an influence on their behavior by outweighing the consequences of their actions and realizing that the risk of a punishment is more severe the third time. Zimring, Hawkins concluded that with the three strikes you are out policy “market share” of these third strike eligible defendants shrank from 4.3% to 3.5% after the passage...

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... kids come from low income families so when one is charged and cannot afford a top notch lawyer like privileged kids this can not be confused s rsial profiling . In life something bad has to happen before realizing that the situation they were in was actually the place they wanted to be in, that something bad has to happen to see what the good was. By choosing the wrong path once does not necessary men that you have to choose it again the juvenile court system allows kids to realize that they have done wrong and are able to correct their wrong doings. Kids are not aware that if they committed a crime then it will basically ruin their life, by having that on their recorded it will be difficult to get a job and maybe go to college this is why kids do not need to be charged as adults, they are not mature enough to understand the real life consequences of their choices.

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