The Effects Of Gun Control On School Shootings Essay

The Effects Of Gun Control On School Shootings Essay

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Gun Control is Far From Being the Solution to School Shootings
In recent years the school shooting activity shows alarming rates. As reported by Duplechain and Morris (2014), more than 350 documented school shootings happened from 1760 until 2014, from those 190 happened from 1990-2014 alone. The numbers are staggering and even more staggering is to find out some of the details of those shootings. School shootings perpetrated by underage people even a student from the school that completed their killing rampage committing suicide. Although, it might seem that the problem comes from the accessibility to guns people could have, the reality is different. In most cases mental instability can play as a key element, while bullying and media coverage can also act as important factors. This paper will explore some of reasons behind school shooters from the past, and it will demonstrate how accessibility to guns had nothing to do with the outcome of their behavior, by responding to the following questions.
1. How mental instability plays an important role in the school shootings?
2. How influencing are exterior sources in school shootings?
3. Can increasing gun control make a difference?
Perhaps, studying the mind behind the killer could lead to answers that can turn into solutions to avoid the situation from happening in the future.
How Mental Instability Plays an Important Role in School Shootings?
Multiple studies show that diagnosed and undiagnosed mental instability can be significantly important to trigger a latent criminal. In the first place of major mental instability causatives bullying showed to be on the top of the charts. Crawford (2002) reported that 75% of school shooters that were studied showed remarks of being bullied o...

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...appening to our society, their actions could simply be the tip of an iceberg, and iceberg that can touch our own family. Pointed out the shooters without deeply studying what drove their mind could possible help for these horrendous crimes to continue happening. It is unfair to them, it is unfair for generations to come not to figure out what is truly happening.
Pretending that guns are the problem is like trying to cover the sun with a finger, guns need of action, someone has to pull the trigger, and that someone could be anyone around us. Awareness is the key, active participation of our surroundings. Duplein and Morris (2014) made an important finding “most of the shooters reached out to someone before the event took place,” on their report they stated that in 80% of studied cases at least one person knew there was something irregular with the attacker.

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