Essay about Effects of Google Glass on Society

Essay about Effects of Google Glass on Society

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In February of 2013, Google announced project Glass. Glass is a wearable computer with an optical head-mounted display so the wearer can see everything without moving their head. There is no screen on Glass, it uses a small mirror prism to bounce information directly into the wearer’s right eye. To transmit sound to the wearer, Glass vibrates the skull which then transfers sound to the inner ear so that the persons normal hearing abilities are not impaired. For ease of use there is a small touch-pad on the outside surface of the device, around the ear area. When wearing Glass the wearer can use the internet, take pictures, Google searches, send and receive texts and emails, receive turn by turn directions, participate video chats, and many more things all while the wearer’s hands are free. This can all work because of Google Now, a cloud service. Google Now is a new service that will help users with daily tasks by looking through personal contextual information and public data to be able to notify the user about things ranging from sports scores to traffic conditions. Mike Elgan of Forbes Magazine believes that with Glass being announced, other big tech companies will start to release their own wearable technology. One of Google’s main goals when launching Glass was the mission of producing a mass-market ubiquitous computer, computing is made to appear everywhere and anywhere. As a result of Google Glass and new wearable technologies, there is the potential for safety issues, laws and regulations will need to be updated, and the way people live their lives will have to change.
Any time new technologies are created there is a possibility of safety hazards. Damage to the body is a real possibility with Glass. One ...

... middle of paper ...

...ass is important because it will cause a change in the way the world works and how people interact. One year after Glass was announced, there are already a bunch more wearable technologies that have been announced.

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