Effects Of Gmos On The Environment Essay

Effects Of Gmos On The Environment Essay

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Despite the many benefits of GMOs, they are a topic of debate among all different groups throughout the world. Because people do not know much about GMOs, most tend to say that they are bad because that is what the media is telling them. Also, it is extremely difficult for any person to be openly pro-GMO because the media creates “an extremely skeptical public atmosphere” (Katzek, 2014, p. 179). A person’s belief in GMOs causes harm to his or her public appearance. Peoples controversial opinions should not be a reason that society shuns them, especially if their arguments are completely accurate and factual. Despite societal challenges, it is of the utmost importance that people base their decisions on facts rather than the popular vote. Collectively, people need to educate themselves on the subject to discover that GMOs are helpful to the world.
One of the many reasons that GMOs are beneficial is because of sustainability. GMO’s help the environment and they do not deplete natural resources. Scientists can genetically modify seeds to resist disease and pests. With these resistant seeds, farmers reduce their use of pesticides and herbicides. A pesticide is a chemical that farmers apply to their crops to kill off the bugs and diseases that harm the plants. An herbicide, on the other hand, is a different type of chemical that farmers utilize and it specifically attacks the invasive weeds. These are important to agriculture because without some sort of barrier, whether it is a chemical or a specific gene in the DNA, outside influences can injure the plant or take away the essential nutrients in the soil. Studies show that GMOs decrease “the use of pesticides…by 581.4 million kg of active ingredient relative to the amoun...

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...re less fuel. They run tractors, combines, semi-trucks, and other vehicles for fewer hours; therefore, the amount of fuel they consume decreases. When people burn fuel, they emit carbon dioxide into the air. This carbon emission results in negative environmental changes, such as rising temperatures and the destruction of the ozone layer. GMOs help to prevent the problems of global warming by simply creating more bountiful harvests. According to Brookes and Barfoot (2016), farmers use of GMOs results in “a saving of about 2,396 million kg of carbon dioxide, arising from reduced fuel use of 898 million liters…These savings are equivalent to taking 1.07 million cars off the road for one year.” (p. 92). Scientific research shows that there is a substantial decrease in the worlds global footprint because of GMOs. People preserve the environment by implementing GMOs.

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