Effects Of Globalization On World Drug Problem Among Issues Raised At Assembly Special Session

Effects Of Globalization On World Drug Problem Among Issues Raised At Assembly Special Session

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“Effects of Globalization, Market Liberalization, Poverty on World Drug Problem Among Issues Raised at Assembly Special Session” is an article from a reputable website which is United Nations News Center. Although the source is authorized, it is not as current as other sources, since the information was published in 1998. In the article, there are twelve parts of notes in General Assembly Plenary which was Twentieth Special Session 9 June 1998 4th Meeting. The format of the article is recording notes from the plenary. One of useful information is the main target for drug traffickers was youth in Brunei Darussalam. In order to discourage the young generation from being attracted to drugs, the country was fighting against drug abuse and trafficking. Brunei Darussalam enforced tough laws and stringent approaches. In addition, the United Union plays a critical role in fighting against drug uses in the world. This source covers poverty on world drug problem, however, it has limited information specially for young people.
Annotation 2 Journal
“Poverty: The Role of Institutions, Behaviors and Culture.”

Harkness, Susan, Paul Gregg, and Lindsey MacMillan. “Poverty: The Role of Institutions, Behaviors and Culture." The Joseph Rowntree Foundation (2012). University of Bath, June 2012. Web. 31 Oct. 2016.

The journal, “Poverty: The Role of Institutions, Behaviors and Culture”, is written by Susan Harkness in 2012. The purpose of the paper is to identify the root causes of poverty in the United Kingdom and in justice. She analyzed the cause of poverty from various aspects. Harkness talked about that drug uses are widely spread in society. She provided data on drug uses, which was from the experimentation of widespread drugs among young p...

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...efore. The author uses personal interviews with people in Freetown which is the capital Sierra Leone to ask their opinions towards drug uses. As a country in West Africa, the high unemployment rate of youth lead to the culture of drug. Trenchard wrote, “Youth unemployment in Sierra Leone stands at a staggering 70 percent, according to the World Bank, and many drug users in Freetown say that if the government provides jobs for them, they will no longer feel the need to use drugs and alcohol”. People use drugs in order to diminish daily stress. Lack of job opportunities is the primary cause of young people using drugs in the country of poverty. Overall, the article is a good source, because the information in the newspaper contains both opinions and facts. As a supporting evidence, Trenchard provided photos taken in Freetown, which makes the source to be more accuracy.

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