Effects Of Globalization On The Environment Essay

Effects Of Globalization On The Environment Essay

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Effects of Globalization on the Environment
In the contemporary society, globalization is ushered in an era that is marked by quick changes and persistent problems. Subsequently, there is a significant degree of interdependence between economies and societies by exchanging of technologies, information, and other products. This is occurring at a higher pace making the government unable to control and or regulate it. As a result, there have been some impacts reported in various in environmental surroundings and social aspects of the people. Advanced infrastructure in both transport and communication sectors have been major driving factors in globalization. A lot of research conducted on this subject has shown that it has physically had negative impacts on the environment through pollution emitted, for example, by locomotives. Evidently, there has been massive pollution been emitted by industries and chemicals disposed of everywhere. In Indra Sinha’s novel, Animal’s People, he seeks to elaborate on the relationship the people in Kaufphar have with one another. The term Animal’s People show the unification of the citizen in this region. “Forgotten is Aiwa, as we leave the Nutcracker, we can hear the chorus of small of small voices gradually falling behind, ‘Hey, Animal’s people!’”(Sinha, P.183). This unification of people comes about after a tragedy that stroke in Khaufpar of a chemical factory explosion. It led to Animal having a twisted spine and walking around the area on both his arms and legs. Sinha uses this phenomenon as an example of negative consequences of globalization on the environment. This gas leak in Union Carbide factory had massive damages on the environment, and it impacted on the lives of the people.
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.... The United Carbide is a perfect example of such companies that Sinha integrated to represent this phenomenon. As the levels continue rising, there is an increase in global warming in the world. Subsequently, the plants get affected as well as some diseases affecting the eyes and skin begin to emerge. This can be translated by the strains that the people were going through in Bophal. When they sought to get the help, they were dismissed, and the company continued to operate.
In summary, the novel talks about various challenges that are brought about when the process of globalization gets out the hand. All these effects have serious impacts on the lives of people not only on their health but also on the socio-economic aspect of their lives. They also hinder the goal to achieve a sustainable development because they affect the current resources both human and natural.

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