The Effects of Globalization on Oaxaca, Mexico Essay example

The Effects of Globalization on Oaxaca, Mexico Essay example

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Located in the southeastern section of Mexico, right along the Pacific Ocean, lies the diverse Mexican state of Oaxaca. Due to the “sixteen ethno linguistic groups [that were able to] maintain their individual languages, customs and ancestral traditions” (Schmal), Oaxaca is by far one of them most ethically complex states in Mexico. In fact, Oaxaca is heavily dominated by the Zapotec and Mixtec people, which are the two largest groups in Oaxaca. However, globalization has recently impacted the greater city of Oaxaca and its inhabitants more than ever. Western goods, services, ideas, values and media have impacted areas all around the world and Oaxaca, Mexico has seen its effects first handed. Globalization has deeply impacted small communities within Oaxaca; cities have been deserted, families have been relocated, and economical distress has been experienced. If globalization did not have a direct impact on communities within Oaxaca, local communities would have been able to thrive, local businesses would flourish, and economic hardships would have been decreased. Without globalization, the citizens of Oaxaca, Mexico could have stayed in their homelands and gathered wealth to invest back in their community, schools, and other facilities.

According to Carlos Yescas, “indigenous people have been migrating to the U.S. from Oaxaca for nearly a century.” In fact, in a recent “ethnographic study of twelve communities in Oaxaca’s central valleys, 60% of all migrants from the area were destined for the U.S.” (Cohen). So, why are the inhabitants of such a rich and diverse community leaving their life and loved ones behind? The correct answer for that is globalization and Mexico’s rich history. The term, “ ‘Globalization’ is commonly used ...

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...oney for their education.

In conclusion, if globalization was not present, the citizens of Oaxaca, Mexico could have stayed in their homelands and gathered wealth to invest back in their community, schools, and other facilities. Even though globalization has led to the downfall of Oaxaca, the rich immigration of Mexico has also impacted it. Mexican laborers have been in high demand in the United States since the early 1800s and migration has been a controversial issue for both the U.S. and Mexico. As for Oaxaca, globalization has led to the disappearance of its people, culture, and traditions. In fact, globalization has diminished the values of community and individuality within Oaxaca. However, if events in history did not occur the way it did and the actions of individuals were different, Oaxaca, Mexico would have been one of the most visited locations in Mexico.

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