The Effects Of Global Warming On The Earth 's Climate Essay

The Effects Of Global Warming On The Earth 's Climate Essay

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Global warming is the unusual change in the earth 's climate. Over the last fifty years, it has

increased by point nine degrees Fahrenheit. According to NASA 's Earth Observatory, the climate

change is due to the burning of fossil fuels, which disrupts the earth’s natural greenhouse effect. The

greenhouse effect is what allows the earth 's climate to sustain life. The greenhouse gases that come

from burning fossil fuels, carbon dioxide and methane, act like bricks in a fire place. They radiate heat

in all directions, long after the fire goes out. Too many greenhouse gases equals too much heat

radiation, which raises the temperature of earth’s climate.

According to a video report by Voice of America News in 2011, titled “Deforestation and Climate

Change,” trees are part of the solution to climate change because they are natural carbon capturing

machines. Trees capture carbon dioxide from the atmosphere and convert it into carbon. Carbon

remains stored in trees for hundreds of years, even after the trees are made into wood products.

According to the video report by VOA News, a movement was started in Kenya, The Green Belt Movement, which seeks to slow the effects of global warming by planting trees.

Every person can play a part in slowing the effects of Global Warming, whether alone or as part of a

group. Acting now will buy humanity time to adapt to the changing climate. The delayed response to

Climate Change is due to misinformation regarding its cause. People can help by recognizing these red

flag arguments, decreasing their carbon footprints, and planting trees. According to an

educational video by Blue Dot Register, which is an organization that seeks to educate the public about

the ef...

... middle of paper ...

...s commonly used by climate deniers.

Roy Spencer is a well known climate denier. According to Dana Nuccitelli, who writes for The Guardian, he suggests that climate models cannot accurately account for

future events because it cannot account for past events. This argument is incorrect, because, as Lisa

Moore points out, scientists have used climate models to accurately recreate the global temperature

between the years 1900 and 2000, which shows that they can recreate past events. By being informed of red flag arguments, such as Roy Spencer 's

argument from misinformation regarding climate models, people can help to correct the damage done

by climate deniers. Though the response to Climate Change has been slow, there is still time to act. Whether people volunteer to plant trees as part of a group or purchase a low carbon vehicle, everyone can do their part.

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