The Effects Of Global Warming On Our Future Essays

The Effects Of Global Warming On Our Future Essays

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Change, it’s been occurring on earth and has been for millions of years. There is much debate and many sides pertaining to the subject, all together the distress signals being called out are being ignored. More and more natural disasters and events are occurring and its left up to scientific evaluation and study to reveal the true meaning. Scientific study has been known to be wrong at times this is true, however look at how far it has come and how far it has brought us, we can safely say science is how we will unravel and solve this argument. Many organizations will try to stop us and lie in order to achieve their goals. Again science and knowledge will once again be the jury in this case. I am here to remind all of you, symptoms of global warming are evident and preventing further damage is a must to protect our future.
Step out your front door, most of you will see a gloomy polluted sky and I would be surprised if your nose isn’t filled with the stench of asphalt and car exhaust with every breath you take. You have been breathing that air for so long you almost forget what fresh air smells like. This is signs of pollution and yes, there is consequences to this problem. "Carbon dioxide, a greenhouse gas, is the main pollutant that is warming Earth"; states National Geographic Inc. Come to find out burning fossil fuels like gas, and things of this type create carbon dioxide gas and too much of it is harmful to our planet. National Geographic also states our Carbon Dioxide l...

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...f a kind, the search continues for a new planet to settle on. Until we find that planet we must be innovative and humble with our approach. Humans are capable of great things when we put our minds together and work as one. Education is key to our survival and furthering our advancements in technology we could change this world for the good. In the mean time we have to stand up for what’s right and do what we must to protect ourselves and our destiny no matter what stands in our way.

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