The Effects Of Global Warming On Delaware 's Coastline Essay

The Effects Of Global Warming On Delaware 's Coastline Essay

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There are numerous factors that contribute to global warming that can cause flooding of coastlines. It is not unreasonable to assume that Global warming has an effect on Delaware’s coastline. Research shows us that the mean surface temperature along with climate changes and greenhouse gas concentrations can vary however, for the past 10,000 years the earth remained in the “Holocene” interglacial period (National Climatic Data Center, 2008). Indicating little fluctuation in the earth’s climate, surface temperatures and greenhouse gas concentration. With that said, scientists over the past fifty years have observed a change in the greenhouse gas concentrate, ultimately reporting that the earth’s temperature has increased from 10,000 years ago and considers the twentieth century hottest it has ever been. This dissertation will attempt to explore how global warming causes affect the rise of sea level causing flooding for the coastline of Delaware.
Earth’s history shows us that there have been changes to the climate known as global cooling and warming. Recently studies have shown that the influences of humans have contributed to the rise of global cooling and warming. For example, operating any mobile resources emits a pollutant into the air known as carbon dioxide. Using fossil fuels to run manufacturing facilities also releases gases into the atmosphere. These gases are trapped heat in the atmosphere. Within the atmosphere there are many different forms of gases, some more potent than others. Gases such as chlorofluorocarbons and nitrous oxide deplete the ozone layer as they attack and destroy ozone molecules (Daniel, Portmann Ravishankara, 2009). Fluorinated gases are also emitted into the atmosphere by the activities of humans...

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...t exceed predicted 2mm a year than certainly communities, habitats and ecosystems would be able to survive. In addition, tourism and agriculture would grow, creating financial stability for the state. Many people reside in or purchased vacation homes on the coastline of Delaware. If sea level rose in tidal marsh areas above the accredited rate, land shortage would become increasingly large. In the event that this occurred the revenue Delaware I used to receiving from tourists and the agricultural arena would be drastically reduced. Based on the data mentioned in this dissertation, global warming does contribute to the rise in sea level, which is directly associated with the changes to atmospheric pressure, expansion of oceans and seas as they warm, and melting of ice sheets and glaciers. Global warming plays a significant and important role in sea water intrusion.

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