The Effects of Global Climate Change Essays

The Effects of Global Climate Change Essays

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Every human activity is having a particular effect on our climate. This was noted by the world in 1992 in Rio de Janeiro when it was open for signature by the United Nations Framework on Climate Change. In the Climate Change Convention, the international community agreed to prevent and combat the effects of climate change such as those in agricultural areas, melting icecaps and the increase in sea level. In 1997, governments took the next step and agreed to the Kyoto Protocol which set as its goal the reduction of greenhouse gases emitted by industrialized countries.

Global Climate Change is a fact, although there are always skeptics, do not represent in any way a majority group. That is why governments around the world have reacted to the growing threat of climate changes nearest liable to put their economies at risk. On the other hand has made clear, the globalization of environmental problems, is impossible and useless to confront the most serious problems in the environment if not an "enterprise" involving all nations.

Population pressure and development taken by most developed nations and developing nations placed an increasing pressure on natural resources and environmental systems on Earth.Currently self-regulating capacity of the atmosphere are being taken to its limits. There is a sound policy, for humanity, stop seeking solutions for the future or when they become highly necessary. In fact, today held its sixth Conference on Climate Change in the Hague, which aims to approve the modalities to allow the entry of force of the Kyoto Protocol. 1997 In this protocol, 38 industrialized countries and former European communist committed to reducing the period 2008-2012 by 5.2% over 1990 levels of emissions of carbon diox...

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...erature and least 10% of precipitation.

The report Current vegetation and scenery of Mexico, using an increase of 2 degrees (temperature and 10% decrease in precipitation indicates that "semi-temperate and warm where they are distributed mainly coniferous forests of oaks and some would diminished by what these would be more sensitive to change. "This means that the climate would become more extreme, in general, decreasing the temperate and semi-warm and increasing the warm-wet and dry-warm.

Agriculture: Crop Loss:

The expected effects on agriculture are uncertain. The high temperatures could accelerate the growth cycle of some plants, leaving little time to develop before maturity. The change in the hydrological cycle could create a greater amount of soil washed out where there are heavy rains, while other regions will be affected by long periods of drough

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