Essay on The Effects Of Global Atmospheric Pollution On Our Lives

Essay on The Effects Of Global Atmospheric Pollution On Our Lives

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Global Atmospheric Pollution
The earth has been one of the most important things in human life without it we wouldn’t be here right now. The horrible things that have come across from earth’s atmosphere right now aren’t very good, people don’t get the idea that the earth is suffering due to our own pollution that we make for electricity or automobiles for our needs. Pollution comes in different substances such as in the water, ground, and air it’s harmful to the environment and to ourselves, the earth has started to become polluted since the human race began to rise. If pollution is not stopped the world could get a little more polluted and suffer great consequences such as the ocean level, getting higher and people may not even be able to survive due to the harsh conditions. The earth’s atmosphere is being polluted every day by the automobiles and industries, mostly in urban areas where there are an abundance of factories or cars. The most common air pollutants are carbon monoxide, nitrogen dioxide, and sulfur dioxide; these pollutants are the ones that pollute the atmosphere. These pollutants aren’t just gliding around the earth, they evolve by chemical reaction mainly they get oxidized in which most of the time they become acids and fall down as rain droplets.
In earth’s atmosphere there are plenty of different types of gas such as oxygen, nitrogen, carbon dioxide, and water vapor. In various ways, some gases are useful and harmful to the atmosphere like the carbon dioxide it helps the planet warm up by the light of the sun, which bounces to Earth’s surface until the light ray finds its way out into space, but if theirs too much of it the Earth’s surfaces becomes hotter than usual, which is called global warming. The earth’s...

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... be able to live due to the extreme temperatures. Fossil fuels are the main pollutant they create many different and hazardous chemicals such as acid rain and photochemical smog. Global warming is another problem with the world in which light rays won’t get out into space due to pollution. Another harmful pollutant is ammonia it’s used for the soil, but when there’s to much of it, it could even damage a person’s respiratory system leading to death. Even when coal is burned it releases airborne mercury it’s a dangerous toxin for mothers and the common way to get it in your blood system is eating fish that have high concentration of mercury it’s a bad pollutant that causes damage to the fetus. Generally, pollution should be taken care of before worst things happen, such as the melting of the Antarctica, the health of people, and other disaster that might even happen.

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