The Effects Of Genetically Modified Foods On The Fast Food Industry Essay

The Effects Of Genetically Modified Foods On The Fast Food Industry Essay

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With the increase demand of food production and consumption in the fast food industry, it has led to demand of crop production. Even though there is a demand for fast food consumption, the public is also demanding to stop using genetically modified produce. In which, McDonald’s the major fast food company has recently heard this demand and quietly told their French-fry suppliers to quit purchasing genetically modified potatoes, whose seeds are produced by the Monsanto company. French fry suppliers are relaying this message to the potato farmers to stop using these genetically modified seeds from Monsanto and go from a conventionally potato seed. (Kilman).
Yet, there continues to be no evidence on how genetically modified foods may affect humans, but farmers are stepping forward in sharing their stories of their experience with genetically modified crops and their livestock. Howard Vlieger is a third generation farmer that uses alternative farming methods that are still nutritious and do not rely on chemicals. He started his investigation in 1997 by planting a test crop that compares conventional hybrid corn and genetically modified corn, when he started this test he noticed that cost of genetically modified corn was $10 more per acre than the conventional hybrid corn, yet the genetically modified corn yield three bushels less per acre. Also, he noticed that the genetically modified corn was wetter than the conventional hybrid corn, which has financially impacts the farmers because farmers get deducted monies when corn has a higher moisture content. By the end of Vlieger experiment he was losing $57.99 per acre, and to prove his own theory, he planted the same crops the following year, in which, he lost again at $58.95 per a...

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... low, but the surveys did show that people show a strong support in labeling products, especially GMO foods. In one survey 93% of those that took the survey support mandatory labeling and this same poll 75% show concern with GMOs inside of the food they consume. During this survey indicate that many people they will not food that has been genetically modified such as vegetables, fruits, grains, fish and meat. Although the demand for labeling and public knowledge is high companies that are part of the genetically modified technology are oppose in sharing this data with the public.
During my research in GMO’s I found overwhelming information on how genetically modified organisms have helped us in creating new medications, but on the other hand the lack of research and knowledge of the long term effects on human consumption of genetically modified foods is frightening.

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