Essay on Effects of Generational Gaps on Work Environments

Essay on Effects of Generational Gaps on Work Environments

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This paper will be analyzing how is the generational gap affecting our work? When people think about the generational gap in the workplace three questions tend to come to mind:
1. Is there a difference between the qualities of work being done?
2. Is there a different sense of loyalty towards employers?
3. Is there a difference in motivation towards getting the work done?
Along with the analysis of those questions, this paper will also discuss the negative and positive aspects of the three questions above.

(Carebridge Corporation, para. 1) produced a handout that Princeton University has published for their HR staff that states “there are four, and possibly five, generations that works side by side in today’s workplaces:
• Veterans (born 1930-1945)
• Baby Boomers (born 1946-1964)
• Generation Xers (born 1965-1976)
• Generation Yers (born 1977-1990)
• Millennials (born 1991-today)”
These five generations will be a part of the discussion in this paper and for the purpose of this paper Generation Yers and Millennials will be grouped together in discussions.

The first question that will be analyzed, is there a difference between the qualities of work being done? And does one generation work harder than others? Qualities of work can range from communication, computer and problem solving skills to teamwork, organizational and planning skills (Skills and Personal Qualities that Employers Want). Let’s analyze each generation’s strength and weakness toward quality of work. Then we can determine whether there is a difference in the quality of work being done.

Veteran workers are team players and very effective at verbal communication. They prefer more “detailed direction and guidance” (Carebridge Corporation, para.2-3) and need more help ...

... middle of paper ...

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