Essay on The Effects Of Gang Violence On The United States

Essay on The Effects Of Gang Violence On The United States

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The increase in gang violence in the United States is a serious problem, but the fact that these gangs are using teens to carry out this violence is a threat to our nation and the innocent people around gangs. There are roughly 24,500 youth gangs. In those 24,500 youth gangs there are about 772,500 members. That number is representing 7% of the United States teenager population (Lohmann). 7% of the of this nation’s teen population is involved with a gang. Teens involved in gangs outnumber big cities in the United States, such as Seattle, Denver, Las Vegas, and Pittsburgh. That number is also six times more than the population in Salt Lake City, Utah. Those adolescents that are joining gangs have to perform gang rituals or initiation. Various initiations are violent, they can range from being beat up by several members of the gang to playing russian roulette to even murdering a police officer. 772,500 teens have gone through gang initiation. Luckily for this country not all initiations involve killing a police officer. Although they might not involve something to those standards, a majority of rituals require new gang members to prove their loyalty by killing a member of an opposing gang. That action will lead to gang wars and it will put the police into dangerous situations. A large number of these teens are joining gangs due to needing to be protected from outside interactions, need to belong, and to be recognized; therefore, teens in high risk areas of gangs need to be required to be involved in prevention programs, particularly teens that live in larger cities.
Teen gangs are a serious problem even if teens are just joining the gang and then trying to get out of the life. This not only affects them as a person, it also affec...

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... for the better, but she was one of the lucky ones. This life change could have been prevented with an early intervention program.
There are other activities that teens can get involved in that will help them to not feel that they have to be protected by a gang. Joining a club at school can give a teen confidence in themselves to fill that sense of belonging. By joining that club they will socialize with other people and make new friends that steer them into a positive direction. This will help them with trying to be recognized; moreover, early intervention programs are the best way for teens to stay out of gang life. Those teens that live in high risk areas should be required to take part in a program or extracurricular activities. These programs can influence teens to not get involved with gangs 772,500 lives could have been altered with just a few simple programs.

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