Effects Of Gambling On The Poor Essay

Effects Of Gambling On The Poor Essay

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Gambling 's Effect on the Poor

Many things in this world have to do with numbers. Certain numbers have specific meanings. For instance the number “12” is thought of as a dozen. A dozen could relate to a dozen eggs in a carton or the number of kids in the classic movie Cheaper by the Dozen. What about the number 92 billion? Does that number mean anything specifically? Well, it should, considering it is the amount of money that American’s lost on gambling in 2007 (Nance-Nash). Nance-Nash an author for the “Dailyfinance” website puts this amount of money into more relatable terms: “This is almost ten times more than what moviegoers in the U.S. spent on tickets the same year” (Nance-Nash). There are many questions that go along with this large number. For instance, where is this money lost going?

It is an overall proven fact that the money spent on gambling (specifically lottery tickets) is used for state funding. The article “Where the Money Goes” gave the statistics for South Dakota’s benefits from the lottery revenue. The majority of the money goes towards General Funding, Property Tax, and the Capital Construction Fund. The amount of money the lottery provided for the General Fund was $416 million. This funds education, which helps benefit the public school tuitions and supplies. The money that goes into the Property Tax fund is distributed evenly among property owners. South Dakota’s property tax fund was about $1.7 billion, which can save them anywhere from ten to thirty percent. The final category, Capital Construction Fund, is used to provide money for the "natural resources." This money is used to help pay for running water systems, waste disposal, and recycling products (Where). It is pretty self ex...

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...o might be gambling all their money away. As a country this should be a concern for us, whether we look at this from a Christian perspective or not. Edelman make a very good point saying, “These children are America’s future, it is important that they get an opportunity to grow up and become something great” (Edelman). They should not have to suffer, because of their parents (or whoever) have been deceived by the awful advertisements.
In conclusion, the government should regulate state lottery’s advertisements, because poverty is increased. This happens because the advertisements portray poor messages and false hopes, causing addictions, and finally, this all takes a toll on poverty. The government should be the ones doing everything they can to help these poorer communities prosper not allowing them to be tricked into gambling their life away.

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