The Effects Of Fossil Fuels On The Environment Essay

The Effects Of Fossil Fuels On The Environment Essay

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We have all heard of the effect that fossil fuels have the world, however in society we don’t always think of how much fossil fuels are costing us. The author of this article goes into detail in order to give a clearer picture of the impact fossil fuels are having not specifically monetarily, but the cost of fossil fuels on the environment. There are different ways of extracting fossil fuels and each way has its negative effects. Over the years we have seen an increase in surface mining rather than underground mining. The cost of underground mining is that it puts many lives in danger. Miners are injured and many have been diagnosed with health problems, such as the Black lung disease. Underground mining also affects the environment. Mines sometimes collapse, catch fire, and are not properly manage. All of these actions lead to a disturbance of the environment. Surface mining lead to the destruction of many habitats. Large areas of the earth are blasted away in order for miners to access the coal underground.
Fossil fuels also contribute to global warning through the emission of greenhouse gases. Natural gases are largely composed of methane, which is a dangerous greenhouse gas. Drilling both oil and natural gas releases methane into our atmosphere. Drilling oil and natural gas also disrupt many wildlife populations habitats and can also end up in many water sources.
Besides extracting the fossil fuels, transporting them poses a threat on the environment as well. Coal is often transported in train carts across the country. Transporting coal produces coal dust, which is harmful to the body once inhaled. Natural gases are transported to homes and business through pipelines. The pipelines present the risk of leaking. In October of ...

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...n the beginning of chapter four we covered the definition of fossil fuels and the different types. When going into depth about the different types of fossil fuels, we discussed how coal is mined as well as the extraction of oil and natural gases. The article also mentions hydraulic fracturing, which we learned is common method for extracting oil and gas. The article speaks of how habitats and the environment is destroyed due to surface mining, and in class we were shown a video of how mountains tops are blown off in order to reach the coal underground.

I feel that the website is very credible. Also the author includes a lot of facts to back the argument regarding the impact fossil fuels are having on the environment. Also, the author used many resources when gathering information for the article. There were fifty seven references cited for this article.

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