Essay on The Effects Of Fossil Fuels On Renewable Energy Sources

Essay on The Effects Of Fossil Fuels On Renewable Energy Sources

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Climatologists predict that if we humans do not change our ways, Earth will cross the climate danger threshold by the year 2036. This threshold marks the highest level of pollution that can be reached before irreversible damage is done to Earth’s atmosphere. The release of pollutants within Earth’s atmosphere is mainly linked to our immense dependance on fossil fuels, and our inability to convert to green energy sources. This is why I write to my fellow citizens of Dubuque and Mayor Roy D. Buol, in hopes that we can set an example for other cities, and become 100% dependant on renewable energy sources.
As inhabitants of Earth it is our duty to protect it and make sure it remains a habitable place to live for future generations. But, at the rate we use fossil fuels today, it is looking like we may not be able to ensure a safe future for the coming generations. Using fossil fuels to generate power releases harmful pollutants into the atmosphere, such as carbon dioxide. These pollutants slowly deteriorate our ozone layer, but the ozone layer is what filters UV rays from the sun, making them less intense before they reach the ground. If this level of the atmosphere were to disappear, then Earth would subsequently heat up, vegetation would die, and skin cancer would be much more prominent in animals making Earth practically uninhabitable. Thankfully, we are not past the point of no return yet. Many climatologists believe that if we let go of our dependance on fossil fuels and become dependant on renewable energy, then the earth could slowly heal.
Being aware of these adverse affects is why I believe it is imperative we take steps to become 100% dependant on renewable energy within dubuque as fast as possible. People say, “that there...

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...hemselves. Being an owner of solar panels means any extra electricity you produce will be bought by the electric company. Who knew that “going green” could make you some green as well?
Committing to renewable energy gets even better though. Along with taking steps to protect the Earth and our future generations well being, we can bring jobs into Dubuque. The hydroelectric plants will needs workers to build them as well as run them, and likewise with windmills. As advances in technology come along and things break, there will be openings for engineers to update these systems and mechanics to fix them. The solar panels will need workers to install and perform general upkeep on them, therefore creating more jobs. Let us join the small list of 100% renewable energy dependant cities, so we can help set an example for others worldwide, and most importantly, save our planet.

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