The Effects Of Fossil Fuels And The Effects Implemented Essay

The Effects Of Fossil Fuels And The Effects Implemented Essay

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Earth, the only planet in our galaxy able to beautifully sustain life and everything attached is taken obliviously for granted. Earth, a planet that refuses to continue captivating all these dreadful chemicals let out by human generated so called “necessities” is giving up. What will be of existence if Earth finally decided to give up? Humans causing a surplus burning of fossil fuels in the United States are constraining Earth’s human tolerant time frame to run short. In just a few decades, The United States will be held accountable for about $4.7 trillion dollars due to the threats sea level rise poses (Frumhoff et al. 2007) along with many further expenses, a double in death due to warming temperatures and an epidemic of rare diseases striking (The World Health Organization) and Earth as we know it won’t aspect or be completely as it is currently. Oh, this is just the commencement.
As a result, there has been an ongoing controversy over the use of fossil fuels and the effects implemented. Many valued science organizations like The National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA), approve that human-induced activities imply an abundant contribution of the greenhouse gases that accumulate into our atmosphere consequential in many calamitous problems and believe that immediate action should be taken to deter the path we are destined for. Fossil fuel burning is a human-produced doing that involves the burning of coal, oil and other limited nonrenewable resources which fund spare amounts of carbon dioxide and other greenhouse gases into the air in exchange for energy. Not only are these resources scarce, but they are also prone to important escalating effects. According to NOAA, we are now surpassing or close to surpassing 40...

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...ion, renewable resources better the United States economy in judgment to fossil fuels.
On a final note, as time passes and the use of human-induced fossil fuel burnings advance, the urgency upturns. Each day conveys more fossil fuel emissions into our planet Earth harshly adding to the main concern. Fossil fuels contribute to flooding, drought, severe storms, ocean acidification, plague, air pollution, health problems, tourism and the economy. People wonder what a few degrees higher can do to the United States, but nobody really comprehends what to envision. Visualize a world full of pandemonium, excruciating temperatures, and deviations you under no circumstances thought were humanly probable. Earth cannot keep taking these destructive chemicals without ensuring an undesirable reaction. Is Earth really giving up or will we aid through the scuffle?

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