The Effects Of Food Insecurity And Obesity

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In our world today I believe it is terrible that developing countries across the world are in poverty, which is a leading cause of kids growing up malnourished. When children grow up deprived of the nutrients to support the bones in their body, the development will be damaged far before aging. Food insecurity remains a global problem all throughout the world; insecurity refers to when there is limited or uncertain access to foods. The average intake of the daily supply of calories per person is around two thousand a day. Throughout the world, many children cannot receive the dietary intake of calories, which then decreases their immune system causing diseases and poor health. In most developing countries, over half of the population is dying, due to starvation. I will be examining the complicated connection between food insecurity and obesity. The cultural controversy identifies something very important when talking about obesity and body mass index. The studies show the BMI of Americans has doubled since the late 1970s. I believe if you are overweight or obese, a primary result of the consequences is being underprivileged. Producing little to no income, you cannot afford to buy the highest nutrient sufficient foods. Therefore, you will have to buy processed, fatty foods that are high in fats and sugars from fast food restaurants, snacks or even desserts. On the debate, I want to discuss hunger and obesity going hand and hand, also how gender is one leading factor. Laraia in 2010 presented a study that indicated women having an increased risk of obesity associated with food insecurity. However, unlike men, food insecurity decreases the risk. When imagining what low-come families go through day to day, I picture a non-productive... ... middle of paper ... ...his problem of obesity, I believe the willingness to stop this issue lies in each person. Anyone can push supplements and vitamins on somebody we think needs them, except it doesn’t fix the problem. Someone who is overweight and blind to the world of physical expertise becomes intimidated, which leads to excuse after excuse. The answer doesn’t exist in the health products and ridiculous diets; true change comes from physical activity and exercise. It does not matter how much a person wants to try, without exercise, there can be no long-lasting change. Yet, when it comes to food insecurities, the approach for change changes drastically. The thought of someone starving to me seems almost impossible in today’s society, however it happens every day. We have come up with many solutions for this problem as well, although much like obesity, the process for change is slow.

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