The Effects Of Fluoride On Our Body Essay

The Effects Of Fluoride On Our Body Essay

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In a 2012 study, 52% of Americans (that were polled) believed doing their taxes was easier than figuring out how to eat healthy. We need to consume nutrition in order to reach our full healthy states throughout the day. Even the tap water we drink is unhealthy in some areas of the U.S.A. The water in about 42 out of 50 of our biggest cities is fluoridated. Fluoride is a partial chemical in water that is supposed to make our teeth more strong and white but has studies on how poorly it affects our brain. Fluoride calcifies your pineal glands and that is very unhealthy for our mental self. The toothpaste we use contains the same chemical as well. Disregard the water we drink if you can and now think about the nutrition you consume daily and how that affects you throughout the day. Most people can go months without worrying about what they consume because they are so busy with their daily jobs, traditions or what have you. Today, children think they can eat any food such as a slice of cake for example and use that for their energy throughout the day, not only children fall into this depth of a hole, it’s our whole population as humans considering 20 percent of American meals are eaten in a car. First i will share the facts of people and their education on nutrition. Second i will talk about how to be healthy and more facts about our country 's diets and habits. Lastly i 'll be talking about things you can do to be healthy and what actually is healthy for you and what is not healthy that people look over.

People today often avoid nutrition intentionally or nonchalantly; many Americans are engaging in poor eating or nutrition habits that are affecting our health, safety and overall well-being. Americans consume 31 percent more package...

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...he key sources for weight gain. People may know some of the basics about nutrients and what it does for you health wise; most people either forget about them or simply think they can live without them. Nutrients are what make or break our diets and if we don’t know at least a few good things about health than we will be a very lazy population if you can’t take the time out of your own day to better yourself.

Food and nutrition is something worth learning about if you are looking forward to living a happy, healthy, stress free life. To this very day our country is very uneducated on health and what is essential for your inner being. If food and nutrition is not something you think you need to know about than you better rethink that and take the matters into your own hands and do something good for yourself and get the right nutrients by customizing your own diet.

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