Essay The Effects Of Fast Food On Children And Adolescents

Essay The Effects Of Fast Food On Children And Adolescents

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We have all heard the saying, “an apple a day keeps the doctor away”. This saying appears to be nothing more than a silly children’s rhyme. However, if we think about it, we still remember it and this silly little rhyme encouraged us to eat fruit. As we reflect back on our childhood many of us can recall our parents encouraging us to eat our vegetables and to go outside and play. Why did they do this? Because it was and is an essential part of our healthy growth. In present day, where technology and fast food are far more prevalent, children are receiving far less encouragement to be healthy. In order to live a healthy lifestyle children and adolescents need to spend, “60 minutes or more being physically active ("Physical Activity Guidelines for Americans -")” and they also need to eat a well-balanced diet. If children and adolescents are not being taught healthy habits at home the next place they should be receiving this information is at school. However many physical education programs are not teaching effective lessons that will help students develop a healthy lifestyle as an adult.
Many states are beginning to take steps to better public health. For example the state of Florida has a new initiative titled “Healthiest Weight”. This initiative works to tackle obesity which is what they call, “the number one public health threat to Florida’s future ("HealthiestWeight")”. Another example of state health initiative is Oklahoma’s “Shape Your Future” program. This program tackles three different aspects; “eating better, moving more, and living tobacco free ("Shape Your Future")”. Through different community activities, contest, and media advertisements these programs are hoping to help improve the health of citizens throughout thei...

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...hem apply their knowledge of proper nutrition. And finally, developing the habit of exercise and eating healthy will benefit adults by “[helping them] control weight, relieve stress, improve stress, improve sleep, and increase [their] chances of living longer ("Why Is It Important? -")”.
Without proper the proper guidance at their most impressionable age children and adolescents will not develop the healthy habits that they can carry into adulthood. As a result as an adult they are at higher risk for both physical and mental health issues. Many health issues can be avoided with the proper care of our bodies. Taking care of ourselves is not something we learn overnight but rather a series of lessons we are taught and then applied to our daily lives. Educating young students about healthy eating habits and physical exercise is the first step in a healthier direction.

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