The Effects Of Family Involvement On Children 's Success Essay

The Effects Of Family Involvement On Children 's Success Essay

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Research confirms that family involvement has an influential role in children 's success in school. The following paper not only analyses ten articles related to the benefits of family engagement but also presents research based information, strategies, and activities that will help the parents be proactive in their children’s education. When families are implicated in their children 's schooling, children make higher grades and obtain higher scores on tests, attend school consistently, do more homework, exhibit more positive attitudes and behaviors, graduate from high school at higher rates, and are more likely to enroll in college; therefore, fostering family participation in the education of their students is an significant objective for schools, especially those serving low-income and other students at risk of failure. The plan lays out activities, types of opportunities, and support the parents need to become involved the schools. The plan also affirms that developing efficient partnerships with families requires a school climate that welcomes parents and inspires them to question and express their concerns as well as contribute suitably in decision making. To develop this partnership, the school staff needs to provide parents with the necessary information and instruction in order to become involved in their children 's learning.

Education 561: Effective Home, School, Community Relations
Family Engagement Plan
Aliona Lain
Spring, 2015
Dr. Sharon T. Teets, Ph.D.
Carson-Newman University

Research confirms that family involvement has an influential role in children 's success in school. The following paper not only analyses ten articles related to the benefits of family engagement but also presents re...

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...hild’s first teachers, they are offered a variety of activities and occasions to contribute to their children’s learning at home and to improve their own language, literacy skills, and self-confidence. OST programs collaborate with parents to exchange info and support the development of relationships between the parent and child, thus stimulating a positive child development and serving as a connection between families and schools.
Strait (2012), addresses the struggles encountered by students in schools due cultural differences among teachers, students and their families. In the article, Cultural Competence in Education, Strait emphasizes the importance of culturally competent educators. Culture competence is the skill to effectively teach students who come from a culture different from our own. Four basic cultural competence skills are mentioned in this article:

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