The Effects Of Family And Household Training Essay

The Effects Of Family And Household Training Essay

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Executive Summary
In this report I want to review the research areas where family and household training will help to reduce the number of incarcerated juveniles and subsequently, avoid increasing the already wide racial disparities of the incarcerated population of juveniles. The values that a person acquires from its family and home are not acquired anywhere else and such ethical and core values are crucial to determined how and why was a juvenile introduced into the state’s criminal justice system and how can it be prevented.
Introduction; Impact of family structure in juvenile delinquency
Family structure is a vital aspect in any person’s life, the values and norms reinforced in a person by his or her family at the right stage of life cannot be reinforced by any other group of people or at any other stage of life. Being able to have a supportive pillar to lean over when tough decisions raise in life is an aspect of a strong family structure that it is deteriorating as the ages pass by while teenagers and young adults seek that strong relationship with someone outside of their family core and sometimes is not the best influence in his or her decision making process, making the juvenile vulnerable and basing his decisions on the influenced received from a person who is not directly related to him or her. Family structure is factorable in juvenile delinquency in the aspect of the emotional stability of the juvenile and the reliance on his or her self to make decisions that are not or are going to lead to deviant behavior and, consequently, to another statistic of juvenile incarceration in the state of Florida. The childhood of a person is where he or she learns the basic aspects of life like walk, talk, read etc., and in the t...

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...a male youth will encounter the criminal justice system is the presence of his father in the home. (Comanor & Phillips, 2015). Research has found that more the trends steer towards conclusion that the father figure or absence of has more impact in juvenile delinquency than any other factor that can be linked to it. The figure of the father in a household plays a major role as to the rearing image that as adolescent needs when it is aging and transitioning into a young adult. The lack of emphasis on the role of fathering in childhood conduct problems is especially unfortunate given that there are several reasons why fathers can be expected to be particularly significant in the initiation and persistence of offspring offending. For example, fathers are particularly likely to be involved with sons who are at higher risk than daughters of delinquent behavior (Doggett).

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