The Effects Of Extreme Temper Tantrums On Children Essay examples

The Effects Of Extreme Temper Tantrums On Children Essay examples

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Extreme Temper Tantrums:
Positively Approaching and Reducing them In Children
To first deal with children exhibiting severe and intense temper tantrums, there are reasons them that must first be recognized. Some of the reasons may have much more simple solutions. For example a child may seriously not be getting a sufficient amount of sleep. Although that may be the case, there are several other much less shallow reasons for children having extreme temper tantrums. If these outbursts are not controlled and dealt with by the parent or teacher then it can lead to an emotionally dangerous cycle for the child. This type of behavior can consists of yelling extremely loud, biting, hitting. Essentially take a normal tantrum thrown by a child and just much more severe and longer. This demeanor is important to discuss and recognize because left untaken care of, it can and most likely will lead to depression or other mood disorders in children 's adult lives.
There are many underlying reasons that may trigger a fierce flare-up. According to Caroline Miller(2014) some of the reasons can be anxiety, low levels of depressions, and even learning problems like Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder(ADHD) and irritability. For more serious cases like ADHD it would be wise to seek professional medical attention while trying to help a child over come this type of behavior. However later on it will be discussed how to handle the outburst the child. From another article, by John Mersch MD(2015), he interestingly brings out the point “the receptive language of a 2-year-old child is numbered in the thousands, while the expressive skill generally is 150-200 words. Perhaps more frustrating for the toddler is the receptive ability to understand compl...

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...ns by themselves and with others. Tantrums may be extremely difficult to deal with, because no matter how patient and loving you are, a child yelling and screaming and hitting others can annoy an adult very quickly. A common response would be to just spank the child or put them on time out, but with positive discipline methods the tantrums can be reduced. According to Miller(2014) “these kids are learning maladaptive responses when they get frustrated. And by continuing to practice those skills, they are strengthening these behaviors over time and using them in a greater number of situations”. Using respect, love, and more care than before can help a child grow and develop into a responsible adult that will contribute even more to society possibly. It takes the care, time and attention of the adults to help sculpt the child on a correct path while growing up though.

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