Essay on The Effects Of Enviromental Conservation On The Environment

Essay on The Effects Of Enviromental Conservation On The Environment

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Ever think of what would happen to the world without Mother Nature? Nature as a whole is a vital factor that is essential for the survival of man on this earth. Mother Nature is commonly perceived as the forces of nature controlling and regulating maternal being. It is also known as mother earth. It is characterized as an ecosystem where each organism has its own role to play. It is an occurrence of wonderful interaction of living things and their environment. Any time where an excessive activity or an external factor is introduced to an ecosystem, it can destroy the natural balance of the interaction and potentially harm the environment of the ecosystem.
Ecosystems vary in sizes from a small area such as a water pond to a large area such as an entire rain forest. Human activities have contributed to the disturbances of many ecosystems. Natural disasters such as fires, floods, earthquakes and volcanic eruptions have also contributed in the disturbances of ecosystems and their environment. The environment is a part of nature that has been constantly misused not given credit for what it gives to man. Issues like deforestation, global warming and lack of adequate resources have come about over the last few years due to man not conserving the environment. Seemingly man has forgotten that without air, water, minerals and all other external factors surrounding and affecting him there would be nothing. People need to remember that they need nature to survive; nature does not need man to survive.
Environmental protections are sustained efforts to conserve the environment for the benefit of both natural environment and humans or generally the ecosystem. The Environment offers sustenance for people by providing th...

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...ature trails. Recreational playing fields are vital for encouraging children to exercise and play. Space should be set aside for playing fields. Public parks invite community events and other social activities. A place known to have a desirable quality of life may attract businesses and economic growth.
The importance of conserving the environment cannot be emphasized enough and steps to do so still need to be boosted. Governments, International Bodies and Societies need to take action now to create a better tomorrow. It is important for every individual to take it upon themselves to make a change in their society. Even changing the smallest thing you do, for example how you dispose of waste can make a major difference in conservation. The Environment requires more from man and if man does not step up to the challenge then he shall truly be the looser in the end.

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