Essay on The Effects Of Emotional Quotient On The Organization

Essay on The Effects Of Emotional Quotient On The Organization

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In order to understand the effect of Emotional Quotient on the organization it had to be defined and identified. Emotional Intelligence combines cognitive and non-cognitive abilities together and it tells us that of our ability to be victorious or successful. (Baack, 2012) A understanding of cognitive versus non- cognitive must first be defined. Cognitive abilities refer to the ability to memorize or retain information and being able to decipher information or problem solve. Non-cognitive abilities are those capabilities that allow us to intermingle with others or not be able to intermingle well. Baack defines Emotional intelligence as a person 's ability to detect and manage emotional cues and information. The five dimensions of emotional intelligence are self-awareness—being aware of personal feelings and emotions; self-management—the ability to manage personal emotions and impulses; self-motivation or persistence—the ability to continue giving effort even after setbacks or failures; empathy—the ability to sense the feelings of others social skills—the ability to cope with the emotions of others. (Baack, 2012) It keys on in our abilities to function within a group and looks at our interpersonal abilities. EQ has been very prolific in areas of leadership and employee development in organizations. There are three models that are the ability model created by Peter Salovey and John Mayer, the trait model created by Konstantin Petrides and the mixed model. The ability model looks at our ability to process data and use it in our surroundings. The trait model takes into account behavioral temperament and recognized talents and we gauge it through self-reporting. The mixed model tells us the EI is various skills and trait...

... middle of paper ... communicate. This multitasking can cause information to be conveyed incorrectly and the receiver to become agitated or disengaged. Communication during web conferences can be misconstrued because of body language. (Brownell, 2009)
Our organization is continually growing and advancing technically. The organization continually strives to be diversified culturally, improve and train on effective communication methods, provide management with styles that allow them to be effective leaders, institute motivational methods that keep employees satisfied with their positions and update technology on a regular basis. In working on these elements, it allows our organization to remain as a key player in the industry. These actions will allow revenues to continue to grow and provide the organization with growth opportunities through mergers and acquisitions as well.

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