The Effects Of Emotional Intelligence On Human Behavior Essay

The Effects Of Emotional Intelligence On Human Behavior Essay

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Checkmate, your Move to Communicate
On the contrary, as human beings, we interact with our EQ on a daily basis, with people we either like or dislike to communicate with. Defining the term EQ is “Emotional intelligence includes the components of social intelligence and adds self-awareness and self-regulation of emotions as components to the model” (Kotz, 2011, p 32). In order, for us to be cohesive with our emotions we must understand our reactions and impulses, which counteract with our actions. The content learned and utilize for informational purposes is to understand emotions, when engaging in human contact. The benefit of EQ (Emotional intelligence) in human beings is utilizing and conjugating a skill set of strategic, management, and appropriately reacting, with actions to avoid consequences.
For instance, strategizing with intent for conveying information in order to communicate, with others is the first step in using your EQ. The content and information shared is an important factor, for the enhancement of skills and strategies of a person EQ (emotional intelligence). Also, the people involved, receive the information in a manner, where the receiver is not intimated or uncomfortable. Interacting daily in a close proximity, of the receiver being family, friends, significant others, or peers, the concern to evaluate and adjust to the circumstance, for a serene scene might be necessary. Utilizing our EQ is as important as our IQ critical thinking before we speak and this is why we strategies our context of the speech.
The next step, managing your emotions and body language when in contact, with family, friends, significant others, or peers in the deliverance of the information is not misconstrued. A tool suggested for m...

... middle of paper ..., that our emotional state is appropriate when interacting with family, friends, significant others, and peers, it’s to avoid conflict of interest and avoid abuse verbally or a physical state. How do we control our emotions? By, researching information about EQ (emotional intelligence) and taking self-assessments, analyze, and reconstruct some character traits, which cause stress and the inability to communicate effectively.

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