Essay on The Effects Of Emotional Abuse On An American Home

Essay on The Effects Of Emotional Abuse On An American Home

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Child abuse is an all too common thing in an american home. There are said facts about abuse, like; there are multiple forms of abuse. Abuse can be physical, emotional, mental, verbal or sexual. Physical abuse is usually the easiest to detect as it leaves marks of flesh. These marks can range from ligature marks to burns to bruises and even bite marks. Physical can balance between hand-to-hand contact or victims being bound by burlap or belts. Adults who abuse children, sadly, know how to do it. Victims can go years with this type of abuse in their lives and no one would know unless they looked under the hem of a shirt or jacket. Emotional abuse is the act of degrading a person but by using words that can intellectual damage them. Leaving them unable to express how they feel about things or how things are affecting them is a way of emotional abuse that has woven its way into daily life. Mental abuse is a similar concept to emotional abuse except for the sheer (and sad) cunningness of this abuse. Usually involving reverse psychology or guilt tactics, the abuser will isolate the victim from friends and/or family. The abuser will slowly drag the victim into a sense of submissiveness that they had no idea they were falling into. Verbal abuse is very hard to define and limit. Calling a victim names and verbally degrading them is definitely abuse but, the abuser can also raise his or her’s voice at said victim. Sexual abuse is usually the hardest to detect. Victims are often too embarrassed or scared t say anything. The sickest part about this kind of abuse is it is often family, such as; aunts, uncles, cousins,step/half brothers and sisters and step fathers and mothers. Children take things very differently. They take things differe...

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...and verbal can/will cause trust issues of all kinds. A fear of commitment and a fear of mental pain will become a strong suit in their life a will be difficult to overcome. Physical and sexual (occasionally verbal too) can/will cause insecurities of their body and how others view them. I child who has been beaten or molested may feel that they are ugly or worthless due to how the abuser treated them. Girls who go through sexual abuse may feel a hate for their body and may feel as though they, themselves, were to blame. Boys who go through sexual abuse may see themselves as unmasculine or weak, once again damaging their sense of self.
Abuse can cause a lot of deeply rooted issues but, it has been said that childhood abuse can lead to crime. Victims feel a sense of need or emptiness that goes along with the anger of abuse. Having no outlet or way of “redemption”

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