The Effects Of Emerging Adulthood On Children Essay example

The Effects Of Emerging Adulthood On Children Essay example

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It is frequently believed that emerging adulthood is the point in life from the late teenage years up till the twenties. This time period brings powerful changes to just roughly every individual growing through emerging adulthood. Usually during this time, a large number of individuals attain the level of schooling required or recommended to stipulate solid earnings within the domain of their chosen careen path. These individuals are tirelessly searching for dependability and creating a meaning for themselves in the adult world. While I was reading (When Are You Really an Adult? By Julie Beck) I began to reflect about how dealing with emerging adulthood effects “normal” people compared to individuals on the autism spectrum.
Every single day our brain deciphers the things we see, touch, smell, hear, taste and experience. When a person’s brain has trouble translating these items it can make it all the further difficult. Individuals with autism often times can’t make the same exact brain connections that other people can make easily. To put this into perspective when people smile, you typically can tell that they are on cloud nine or perhaps even being friendly likewise, when people give the impression of being infuriated you can usually tell by their tone in voice or facial expression, however individual’s on the autism spectrum struggle tremendously with what emotions may appear like or what the other individual is even thinking.

For adults with autism the transition process from early childhood into adulthood can be a multifaceted fluctuation. There is a lack of research in the scientific and medical fields. These science and medical professional’s encounter intensified hardship in locating reliable research in this area of ex...

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...hat it is highly unfortunate that these adults with an autism diagnosis have less resources available than younger children with the exact same disorder. Adults with autism and their supporters remain hopeful that a day will come when these services are easily and ready to be enabled. With research scarce in this area autism is constantly emerging and relevant. The discussion of “public health crisis” in the national spotlight is always being displayed to a large variety of people in todays changing world. Autism was originally founded by Leo Kanner in the 1940’s during the time of his discovery autism was considered rare and unheard of. Now today we constantly are haearing about this condition and how it effects many people on a daily basis. According to the CDC “one in 68 children has an autism spectrum disorder” according to the most recent report led by the CDC.

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