The Effects Of Eating Disorders During Middle School And High School Essay

The Effects Of Eating Disorders During Middle School And High School Essay

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With the development of eating disorders during middle school and high school, it is important to prevent the progression of these illnesses. A way to assess the risk of eating disorders for this age group is to conduct biannual weigh-ins. This way if there are significant changes with their weight or height parents will be informed about this. To follow up with this after parents are informed the nutritionist, the child, and the parent/guardian would be held to plan a course of action if effected.
I would have to agree with the first proposal, stating that it is necessary to evaluate youth to prevent the progression of a serious problem. This means that the biannual weigh-ins are the step in the right direction. Students and parents will be well aware if a problem rises, meaning that it will make the illnesses easier to deal with as a whole. Many times student do not even understand that they are hurting themselves and think of it as a way to lose weight, when told they will have a better understanding. It is not as if the students will get in trouble it is more so that they will be more aware of what is going on with their health. This is a positive step towards healthier habits.
Children are always wanting to fit in and society plays a big role in all of this. “Eighty percent of Americans say they are unhappy with their appearance” (McBride, n.d.). Whenever looking at the TV, magazines, and internet all that is shown is thin women and men. These are the people that are famous and are seen as beautiful or handsome. A study showed the results of how adolescence feel about themselves, “the team found that 95% of the children had restrictive eating behaviors, 69.4% were afraid of putting on weight and 46.6% described themselves a...

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...that comes with it, dealing with these check ins can make these students somewhat nervous and scared. Students who never had an issue before may start overthinking their weight and become obsessed with their size. Weight obsessions can lead to youth finding a way to cover their weight loss, by wearing heavy sweatshirts or putting heavy objects in their pockets. It will be a pressure put on the students, which is hard to take away.
All in all, these biannual checkups will be a start in helping with eating disorders in schools. It will not be the action that makes the difference it will be the reaction that makes a difference. Students will be able to have some type of support system to help them get through everything, because these are the times where they feel as if they have no one there to help them. Making steps like this will continue to build a healthier world.

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