The Effects Of Drugs And Alcohol On Children Essay

The Effects Of Drugs And Alcohol On Children Essay

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The use of drugs and alcohol has seen a dramatic increase within the United States in the last decade. Drugs like methamphetamine, cocaine, marijuana, and alcohol have become a norm in today’s society. Even more devastating,, is that there is evidence that drug and alcohol use are becoming more popular in the pregnant population. Drugs and alcohol can result with some severe effects in the normal population let alone that of the pregnant population. This paper will further investigate the kind of effects that methamphetamine, cocaine, and alcohol have on a baby prenatally and postnatal.
Normal Pregnancy
During pregnancy, it is essential that a woman take good care of herself. Pregnancy typically lasts anywhere from 38-42 weeks. It is recommended for a woman to put on 25-30 pounds of weight during pregnancy. This weight gain is vital to support the growth of a healthy baby. Pregnant women frequently become nutrient deficient during pregnancy because the nutrients are first provided to the baby and then to the mother second. Doctors also instruct pregnant women to take a multivitamin to supplement for additional deficiencies that occur during pregnancy. Once a woman becomes pregnant, an embryo forms in her uterus. Three to eight weeks after conception, also known as the embryonic stage, the organs of a baby begin to quickly develop. Nearly all of the organs besides the sex organs are developed during this period. Due to the rapid development of organs in this sensitive stage, the embryo is especially vulnerable to teratogens. Teratogens are classified as any foreign substance, environment, or behavior that could have adverse effects on prenatal development. Teratogens can include: malnourishment, X-rays, hazardous ch...

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...usion, “dichotomizing groups related to the cultural identity scales potentially oversimplifies the interpretation of participants’ cultural affinity.” (Barlow, 2008). Semi-structure interviews and surveys also are limited in the fact that they can produce faulty data due to the dishonesty of participants. There is no way of telling if the participants are telling the complete truth.
Based off the evaluated studies, there is some substantial evidence that cocaine exposure dramatically effects the development of a fetus as well as an infant. Unfortunately, the studies are not precise enough to draw any definitive conclusions. In the future, I would advise scientists to be more specific with their experiments. I would also advise future studies to develop an experiment that rules out as many variables as possible. Therefore, producing more accurate results.

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