The Effects Of Drug Use On Crime Essay

The Effects Of Drug Use On Crime Essay

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Hypothesis I-Drug Use Causes Crime, is illicit drug use historically has been associated with crime because of the racial fears surrounding the possible side effects on any ethnical group. Pharmacological violence is relative to this hypothesis because it is the study of the effects drugs have on the perpetrator under the influence of a particular psychoactive substance. The implications that the drug usage causes violence cannot be proven beyond any shadow of doubt, because no test can be conclusive due the variance in the amount of time illicit substances remain in the blood of the individual. Marijuana variances can show results from days to months. Moreover, due to the wide array of moods and behaviors associated with illicit drugs, it cannot be certain that all drug users commit crimes. Some illicit drug users are victims of crime. Psychoactive drugs like alcohol have provide the most definitive evidence because the statistics are widely reported. Nevertheless, alcohol tests and studies remain inconclusive because millions of individuals drink alcohol excessively and never become violent yet, the chances of violence occurring are reported to be greater when people are drinking. Heroine causes a passive state of mind and therefore the users are more likely to be victims of violent crimes, and marijuana is presented as a drug that makes users appear lethargic. Cocaine and any deviation of cocaine, like crack is a stimulant and its users are agitated easily. Yet, the same mood state and tendencies toward violence are observed during withdrawal and intoxication (Levinthal, 2011, pp. 90-93).

Economically compulsive crimes are relative to this hypothesis because studies have shown that the drug users are committing robbery...

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...he nonviolent variety, e.g., shoplifting, prostitution, drug selling, there are little data that indicate what proportion of violent economic crimes are committed for drug related reasons.
In the systemic model, violence is essential to involvement with any illicit substance. Systemic violence refers to the traditionally aggressive patterns of interaction within the system of drug distribution and use. Victims of systemic violence are usually those involved in drug use or trafficking. Occasionally, noninvolved individuals become innocent victims. However, the vast majority of victims of systemic violence are those who use drugs, who sell drugs, or are otherwise engaged in some aspect of the drug business (Levinthal, 2011, pp. 93-94). (451 words)
Levinthal, C. F. (2011). Drugs, society and criminal justice (3rd ed.).
Upper Saddle River, NJ: Prentice Hall.

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