The Effects Of Driving Under The Influence Of Alcohol And Illicit Drugs Essay

The Effects Of Driving Under The Influence Of Alcohol And Illicit Drugs Essay

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Critical Analysis Journal Article
The majority of people have heard the saying “friends don’t let friends drive drunk”, but does the same go for driving high? Recent studies have shown that driving under the influence of illicit drugs, such as marijuana significantly increases the impairment of a driver. Mary Glascoff, Joe Shrander and Rose Haddock conducted a survey to prove that universities and community colleges should provide education on the implications of driving under the influence of alcohol or illicit drugs such as marijuana. Mary Glascoff is a professor for the Department of Health Education and Promotion at the University of East Carolina, Joe Shrander is the Associate Professor Director of Driver Education at the University of East Carolina, and Rose Haddock is a teaching instructor and internship supervisor at the University of East Carolina. The article was very informative but there were a few things that swayed its credibility. The journal was exceedingly disorganized, and the methods of the survey were mediocre. The article included background information on studies of driving under the influence of alcohol and illicit drugs (marijuana), how it affects the judgment of drivers, the results of the survey conducted on the universities students and a discussion of the experiment.
In the article “Friends Don’t Let Friends Drive Drunk But Do They Let Friends Drive High?” The authors give ample background information that supported their hypothesis. They explain how driving high impairs a driver and information about driving high and drunk. The hypothesis is that universities and community colleges should provide education on the implications of driving under the influence of marijuana. The method used in this study ...

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...ey to prove that universities and community colleges should provide education on the implications of driving under the influence of alcohol or illicit drugs such as marijuana. In the article they provided background information about alcohol and drug use while driving and a survey about alcohol and drug use (marijuana) and the use of designated drivers. From the results the authors concluded that universities and community colleges should provide education on the implications of driving under the influence of alcohol or illicit drugs such as marijuana. While the authors produced an ethically sound study, the article was exceedingly disorganized, and the methods of the study are mediocre. Glascoff, Shrander, and Haddock should have organized the placement of crucial information more efficiently and should have included more participants for a more convincing article.

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