The Effects Of Drinking Among Teen Agers Essay

The Effects Of Drinking Among Teen Agers Essay

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Drinking among teen-agers has risen nearly one-third over the last forty years (56), and it is accompanied by many negative side effects. Alcohol damages the brain, the body, and many social aspects of young peoples’ lives. The NCA estimates that there are around 3.3 million “problem drinkers” in the United States (U.S) that are between the ages of fourteen and seventeen (62), becoming the number one drug of choice for teens in the U.S. over tobacco and other illegal drugs (47).
Genetics, family, peer pressure, school, advertising, and access to alcohol are majority of the reasons youth drink, and think it is okay to drink (6). Low parental support for children is linked and has predicted alcohol use norms (55). Children have been prone to seeing alcohol used in situations where it is plastered as a “good time”, mostly in the household, therefore influencing their opinions on how it should be used (49), and if they see it as a pleasurable experience, they will be more likely to use it. Students may use alcohol to relieve themselves from stressful situations of everyday life (50). Teen girls are believed to be a large portion of the adolescent drinking crowd, just trying to fit in and “be one of the boys”. Females mainly have more stress but also usually have more money to buy the alcohol with (20), even though 93.7% of twelve through fourteen year olds got their alcohol for free the last time they drank (85). Young females are also the most common to have eating disorders, and those with eating disorders were closely linked to alcohol abuse (22). Younger people with low self-esteem, disabilities, conduct problems, who are going through puberty, or who are anti-social are at a highest risk of drinking or having alcohol problems (4...

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...ation or prom party due to inebriated, driving teens (80). Back in 2007, 6.4% of licensed drivers were between the ages of fifteen and twenty, but they represented around 12% of drivers who had been drinking and resulted in a fatal crash (91). Alcohol is party/wholly responsible in half of the deaths from substance abuse according to……. (40), and the Center for Disease Control (CDC) estimates that 4554 underage deaths each year are due to excessive alcohol use (92). In Wisconsin, 38% of cancer deaths, 28% of suicides, 41% of murders, and 36% of accidents are all alcohol related (8).
Alcohol has been negatively impacting the lives of today’s youth in multiple ways, including their interactions with others, their bodies, and their brains. Teen drinking has killed thousands of people and will not stop until the parents of those teens do something to put an end to it.

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